Back Country Snowboard Snowmobiling

Back Country Snowboard Snowmobiling
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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Fall Season in Minnesota / Adventure Motorcycling Backroads / Sailing

September and October are great months to be taking adventures in Minnesota. The beauty of the Beemer is that I can cover alot of miles and stretch out the zones. Not unusual to cover over 120 miles in a day exploring several different areas.
 I hit a bunch of dead ends along the way, but once in a while I am able to connect a couple sections. Earlier this summer with the storms up North in the woods, there was numerous trees down across the trails. Sometimes I am able to hack my way thru with a hatchet or woodsaw. Maybe break trail around the obstacle, many times just turn around. More of the larger trees have been cut up so One can ride over the remaining log.
 One of my favorite trips is to explore the back roads near my Uncles former old cabin. A buddy now owns it, haven't seen him for years but sweet area to revisit. This is an area east of Aitkin, Minnesota.
 A bit of exploring around Cuyuna, Minnesota this evening.

 On this day, I wasn't the only one making tracks in the mud. A set of Timber Wolf and down the same ATV trail, a set of Bear tracks.
 This is one old school bus that hasn't made tracks in a while...good stuff!

 Doesn't get much better than this, enjoying a lunch off the Beemers box at the end of a dead end trail in the middle of no-where.

On the Water in September
This was a good sail at dusk capturing the last of the sunset.

Out on the pontoon another night capturing the last of the day light on a sand bar off an island.
Keep a well stocked fridge and life is good!
Sittin' around the campfire in the Fall, sipping on a cold beverage after a good motorcycle ride in the woods... Ride on!!

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Traveling in the Rain / Creating a Winter Rig / Riding the Yamaha WR450F in Minnesota Forests / Warm Fires

 Click on pictures to enlarge!!
This has been a rain season for sure. As I stand on a bridge above the Minnesota River and watch whole trees float down river it reinforces the fact that One should have proper gear to be out in the elements. Ole planet Earth is an ever changing climate...this is the way it should be. I happen to thrive on the extreme weather, so it is good stuff.

 The new car, starting to take shape. Add the roof rack to carry bikes and the capability to carry snowboards this winter and if need be slap the Rocket Box on for more storage.

To add to the capabilities of the Ford Focus, the addition of these rock and roll tires are true Blizzard chasers. These are Hankook "Winter Pike" tires. Had them on my 2012 Focus and it is cheating using these tires in the Winter, they are that good!

Traveling Back Up North
 Time of the year that it is a good time for the fire place in the cabin.
 Best time of the year, the Fall to explore the backwoods trails on the Yamaha WR450F. Doesn't matter if I'm blasting down the fireroads at warp speed or creeping down a forest trail at walking pace, this moto handles everthing I throw at it. Really enjoy having a snack in the woods and sitting on a rock listening to the forest sounds.

 Pick your moto forest dirt color...

 Brilliant Fall colors and sunlite to make a very good day out exploring some new trails.
Tis the season for outdoor fires and tipping a few cold beverages after a day in the Northern Minnesota woods... Ride on!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival 2016 / Halln' & LAMERE /

Offroad Weapons Ready to Roll!
 The 2016 Chequamegon 2016 edition was a return to the Northern Wisconsin forest. This marks the 31st year of the trek to Hayward for us. My first Chequamegon race was 1985, the 3rd annual Chequamegon Festival. My racing the Chequamegon lasted till 1993, 8 years... The following year 1994 Jeff raced at the World Mountain Bike Championships in Vail, Colorado, placing 18th as a Junior. From then on I assumed the roll of Team Manager/Driver/ Travel Coordinator/Athlete Trainer/Moto Rider. For many years the moto was an important training tool. Jeff and I used Motor-pacing with my moto about once a week, the single best training tool we used over the years.

It was and still is the roll I enjoy. Really a team effort now with Jeff having his Family and working full time. I still do most of the driving and manage the loose ends. It is, each week creating a game plan. Don't stress the minor stuff, we both know how to travel and be ready to rock and roll when the start gun goes off.

Jeff has a top Sponsor with LAMERE Cycles. They provide Jeff with the best bikes and equipment. That has been the piece of our program that we have needed to create one of the most successful mountain bike race teams in the Midwest, both in the winter with the fat tires and in the summer with whatever bike suits Jeff's needs. Jeff is so valuable as a test rider with the huge amount of world class racing that he has done for the past 24 years. LAMERE Cycles is using Jeff's input to create one of the top Mountain Bikes in the world. Just in 2015-2016 Jeff has won races on 5 different models of LAMERE Mountain Bikes. Also several different tire combinations have been used. 

This is it. The moto is gassed up for the trip on the forest roads to stay ahead of the racers and hand up bottles. Every year Gary issues feed passes to any of the top racers support crews.

Jeff heading to the line 12 minutes before the start as I wish him a good race and the police escort lines up for the lead out of Hayward.
Mr. Chequamegon, Gary Crandall...all smiles as the 34th Chequamegon Fat Tire 40 Mile Festival is ready to roll out of Hayward and finish at Telmark. The top riders will average between 19 and 20 mph for the 40 miles of offroad mountain biking.
The 2 Lead ATVs will lead the riders for the entire race. These guys can really rock and roll with the speeds that the lead riders generate. 
The roll-out is about 3 miles of pavement to Rosies Field, then the race is on, all offroad till the finish. The riders are reaching speeds of 35 mph which helps to string out the 2100 riders.The top 10 finishing riders are in the front group as they enter the dirt.

Cory Stelljes, Jeff Hall, Brian Matter, Tristan Schouten, Jesse LaLonde, Samuel Elsen, Michael Olheiser, David Flaten and Mark LaLonde are at the front on the roll-out...they will be the players at the front in a select group of about 16 riders till OO, 16 miles into the race.   
As Jeff Hall pushed the pace and strung out the group down Janet Rd, down a short section of snowmobile trail down Martel's Pothole.
The group was whittled down to about 9 riders by the time the lead group hit Boedecker Rd. Once again with Jeff pushing the pace in the front. Single file and roaring down the forest road!

Meanwhile I'm rocking the backroads myself. Having pre-rode the backroads the day before, I knew what to expect. The race was moving right along, having rode motos at Chequamegon since the year 2001 I know the routine. 

Back to the racers... The pack stayed together through Lake Helane Rd. and it was a sprint to Fire Tower Hill. Cory Stelljes was on a mission this day, he was the first rider over the Fire Tower Climb, just like last year when Jeff was out front up and over the Fire Tower. After that it is an 11 mile sprint to the finish. Jeff was the 2nd rider up and over the Fire Tower after Cory, he was chasing as hard as he could go, pulling the pack which was now down to the select 7 riders. I saw them and Cory only had a 7 second lead about a mile after Fire Tower. When I next see them it is with 6 miles left and Cory had a 30 second lead with Jeff again at the front of the chase group. I want to say that I am saying that Jeff was at the front at these different points in the race. I know a couple other riders did their share of work at the front... just telling it as I saw it the 7 times that I see the riders on the course. When I saw that Cory had gapped the pack I was sure he would not be caught this day with 6 miles left.
A Cliff Bar and a can of Rock Star for me along the course and I'm good ta go. Gotta fuel the Manager, don't ya know... haha! Good times!

They were flying down Camp 38 Rd., hit the short section of Telemark Rd. and Timber Trail. It started to string out a bit and at the finish the top 7 riders were all with-in 1 minute and 3 seconds.

#1 Cory Stelljes / Brian Matter / Michael Olheiser / Samuel Elison / Jesse LaLonde / Tristan Schouten / Jeff Hall / David Flaten / David Lombardo / Mark LaLonde rounded out the top 10.
Jr. gave it all he had... 7th. Fast Men out there today.
Family...They were there for the ride. 

Throw back picture from 2003 with Owen at his first Chequamegon, 1 month old with Weez and Big John looking on. Kinda a family tradition ya might say. 13 years ago.

The Owner...JP LaMere racing his Namesake LAMERE Cycle full suspension 29er. Jeff raced a 29er rigid on this day. I'm running a Yamaha WR450F with a Baja Design street kit, that has plenty of gitty-up and go.

The Kid taking Grandpa's Fat Bike for a ride to wrap up a good day on the trails! Next stop downtown Hayward for much deserved burger and cold beverage!

Ride On!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Broken Face.wmv

Live every day like it is your last day... All good now, this was 7 & 1/2 years ago.

Ride on!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Backcountry Snowboard / Ski Trip to a Cabin in Colorado Mountains with a Stop-off in The Snowy Mountains of Wyoming

First day on the snow in the mountains on our snowboards was up in Wyoming at a resort in the Snowy Mountain Range. Good chance to get acclimated to the altitude and get the snowboard legs going.

 Two good days in Wyoming with a moonlight night to cap it off.

160 Mile Drive to Our Destination in Colorado
 This backcountry trip was human powered with snowshoes and snowboards. It was 3 days at over 11,000 feet in a cabin, carry everything we would need on our back. 

 Back at the cabin after a very good day of slaying the powder on our snowboards and skis.
The view from the deck on the cabin, a few natural avalanches on the mountains. Found powder without getting into the avalanche terrain.

Good day in the mountains!!