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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Montana & Utah Avalanche Fatalities / January 21 & 24, 2016 / Snowmobile / Skier

This is a very good report that helps one understand a bit more of what happens in the moments right after things go terribly wrong. This is a second avalanche and report that happened in Utah. Both valuable sources of info. RIP and condolences to all involved. Be careful out there in the mountains...

Photo from my trip to Colorado this week, the view from our backcountry cabin. Notice the natural slide on the slope. These are east facing slopes which are the wind loaded aspects. Storm a few days ago with big winds loaded the east facing mountain.

This is a link to the Colorado / USA Avalanche site that is also a link on my blog site. Check it out.

I am using this information for myself as a learning tool. We just returned home after a trip into the backcountry mountains of Colorado. We encountered slope situations and I like the fact that we quickly discuss our next move. One can not be correct 100% of the time...but you better be correct in each decision that you are making at that present time so you can come back alive.  

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ten Below Zero / Winter Fat Tire Biking Around the Campfire / 2 A Day

Pulled off the trail in the dark and Weez noticed the ghost rider right above us.

Riding a new trail system, Elm Creek. Very good trails, we were greeted with the local Coyote howling as we headed into the woods at sundown. Good ride this night on a twisty singletrack adventure. 
 The NightRider bike lights are awesome and brighten the night trails!
 Appropriate beer for the season, Winter is in full swing.

Monday Funday
 Set the alarm for 3:30am, laid there and had to think about this one... Get up, fix a quick breakfast and throw on my cold weather clothing. At the trailhead by 5:30am, the clock in my truck is 45 minutes ahead of time. The temp is correct at -10 degrees. This is exactly what I need to prepare for the conditions of Winter Fat Tire Bike Racing.

I manage Jeff Hall at the races, so to be able to deal with the conditions and function for extended periods of time is important. Sometimes it means up to 7 hours outside for the whole event. We had 2 races, one was -7 at the start and a 40 mile race was below 0 the whole day. Jeff won both of those races along with 4 other victories. I am involved because I love the adventure of extreme sports and winter fat tire biking is my go to winter adventure these days. That being said, in 11 days I am heading to Colorado for a backcountry snowshoe/snowboard trip. 4 days in a remote cabin in the mountains snowboarding...I like a challenge!  
 This is my challenge today, build a fire quickly as if I needed a survival fire. Good practice just in case one would need the heat to survive. One of the handy fire starters I carry in my pack is simply hand sanitizer gel. About a third of a small bottle will usually do the trick. Soon I have a nice warm fire to stand around.   

 Time to kick snow onto the fire and get on with my ride...the River trail is in very good mid-winter condition and the temps are about -10 degrees. The steam is hanging in the air over the open water sections of the river, beautiful morning to be out on the bike. Well worth the effort of getting out of bed early and seeing the sunrise. 

 Pulling off the trail and taking in the moment...

2 A Day Rides Today
 Enjoyed a hearty lunch and dropped one of my fat bikes off at my buddies shop @ Hollywood Cycles for a bit of professional care.

Then met Jeff back at the trailhead and went out for my second ride of the day. The temps had risen up to about 5 degrees, 15 degrees warmer then the morning ride. This was a more spirited ride with Jeff keeping me moving right along.
All in all a very good day on the LAMERE Bikes and about 8 hours out in the weather today, 2 good adventures.

Fat Tire On!!

Monday, January 04, 2016

December in Minnesota Rocking on 2 Wheels / BMW F800 GS & LAMERE Cycles Fat Tire Bike

Good to get a ride with the fat tire bikes on the first snow of the Winter. Temps were in the teens, the ride was along the Minnesota River. Jeff is riding his commuter fat tire LAMERE Bike. He has a race bike that he raced at St. Croix Falls which is about 3 pounds lighter at about 22 pounds. It is good this year to have 2 different bikes to ride, they are both set up to fit him. 
 The River Trail is my good to location in the winter, with the massive trees and ever changing conditions, every ride is good.
 A few days later with warm temps that thawed the new snow and then a freeze, it gave the trail a glare ice surface. I am running studs on all of our fat tire bikes, the only way one could ride in these conditions is with the 45NRTH studded tires. Nice ride this night. Capped it off with a cold Alaskan...

Warm up to 36 degrees and out comes the New BMW F800 GS
 A chance to get out and ride, gotta make it an adventure. 120 miles on this day with temps in the 30s, rode south of the cities and rocked about 50 miles of gravel roads. Did some hiking and exploring on some public land, found this frozen Beaver dam. Good times!

 Lucky to be able to ride the moto up till 1 week before Christmas. This day Weez and I both leaving in the morning on our 2 wheeled rigs.

Back on Fat Bikes

 Night riding spotting critters and riding on ice...actuality frozen mud and ice.
 Christmas Day ride.


 Snow and ice flows on the river are giving us the winter weather we like.
 New Years Eve bonfire and a bit of spirits up in the North woods. 165 miles North of the cities it was a winter wonderland! Arrived at the cabin just after midnight, enjoyed the fire, beer and wine till about 4:30 am...a good New Years for sure.

Welcome 2016! Cheers!

 Had a very good adventure ride on New Years Day in the Northern Minnesota woods. Several hours of riding the trails and exploring areas on our fat bikes capped off a very good Holiday week of mountain bike riding and visiting family.

Damn lucky to have our health and the capabilities to be involved in such a great sport of Fat Tire Biking. We are fortunate to be riding on these LAMERE Cycles fat bikes, these bikes rock and add to the experience.

 Hammer Head...

The sun was setting on the North woods as we arrived back at the truck...a good day.

Fat Tire Bike On!!