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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

Biking to the Baseball Game

Biking to the Minnesota Twins game is an adventure. See the city and a bit of biking before the game. 
 Lock em up.

A great day to watch a ball game outdoors. A beer and hot dog topped it off.
 Joe Mauer.

 It was a good bike back to the truck.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tree Well Rescue, Inverted Entrapment - Teamwork in British Columbia's S...

Been in those conditions both on the snowboard and the snowmobile...tree wells suck.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Mountain Biking from the Good Old Days @ 1994 @ Wisconsin

A salty dog & emerging talent. Circa 95'.
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    • Jay Henderson Badlands with G. Hayes chasen.

    • Gene Oberpriller Oh man that was fun race. Jeff and I were just working the course, trading the leads, full skids into the turns. After this race I knew that Jeff was going to be threat for the future. He was so tenacious.
      September 4 at 5:25pm · · 1

    • Martin Minka Nice ! Jeff was always a great rider ! He did have one Cheq 40 handed to him when Jason S. blew it on a shift !

    • Jay Henderson The only Cheq 40 Jeff ever won, he out sprinted avery talented and I belive two time winner Eric Ringsrude. It was one of Jeff's most explosive sprint. He was 18. No body is handed a win at the Fat 40, its a tuff one.
      September 5 at 12:27am via mobile · · 2

    • Martin Minka Sorry Jay you do not know that Jason S was in a break with them and it happened. So no disrespect to Jeff, he cerainly won fair and square. But I cannot back off on my recollection of what happened. and it cerainly is a tough one ! I have a Gene O. story how we had dropped him at the Iceman with less than 10 miles to go, and he came back and SMOKED us ! the year was 1993 ! and that is RACING !

    • Jay Henderson I love good race stories, maybe we need a race recap page!!! Good ol' classic racing. Maybe some Cactus Cup fer the next one.

    • David Pike I have some Galina Cactus Cup shots... I think one with me and BP, with Eric Bartz hunting us down. Can't remember what happened with BP, but I knew Bartzy was coming on like a shark. I could see him back down that ski run they sent us up to the finish. And you know what? He got me. So great!

    • David Pike Ooops. "Galena". Carry on.

    • Mike Hall Hey Martin, that's like saying "could of.. should of um... well if I would have" The game ain"t over till the fat lady sings...excuses are like ass-holes, everybody has one. That is racing.LOL

    • Martin Minka I agree Mike ! I still say he got one handed though ! I remember racing Jeff In the Crit in 1992 and slamin' the door on him in the first holeshot and him coming back and Kickin' my ASS ! and I think I have it on video ! and I LOL about that one ! Steve Tilford did the same thing to Duane Dickey in the final one year also ! But folks that is Racing ! LoL

    • Mark Hartney Bring it out, Pike. I love seeing this hey-day stuff again. As a late comer to the expert class, I was in awe of all of you blokes for years. These pics really tap into the feel of that time. It's rad to have been a part of an emerging sport & watch it evolve. You'll like this; Minnesota is having its first High-School MTB League race this Sunday in Inver Grove: 150 kids, 50 of them girls, racing the fat-rubber!
      Thursday at 9:14am · · 2

    • Eric Bartz Dave, that climb was a mother!
      21 hours ago · · 1

    • David Pike Yeah, Eric it was! The long downhill, then you had to reel it in around that crappy off-camber corner at the bottom, and start climbing. I particularly remember that high temperatures were generally involved as well.
      17 hours ago ·

    • David Pike Hey Mark, I'll see what I can do.
      17 hours ago ·

    • Mike Riemer
      Martin, your facts only tell one part of the story. Jason S had a 30 second lead coming off the fire tower. He could have held that lead but was cautious and rode the edges of the puddles covering the trail, while Jeff charged right through
      the center without hesitation. I have the photos to prove it. Jeff won that race fair and square. Mis-shifts happen. Perhaps Jason S made a bad decision and chose a poor place to attack? No bad luck involved...just a bad decision.
      16 hours ago · · 2

    • Monica E George Hayes Kid, and D. Scan and post baby! I remember a race when I asked David Hass (who was handing me a water bottle) what lap it was as I foamed at the mouth and I heard "last" or something like that (maybe he said fast) then discovered it wasn't and got spanked out of the zone. Every detail counts including sloppy shifting (just to stir it up).
      7 hours ago · · 1

    • Monica E George Hayes Winona it was
      7 hours ago ·

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wind Surfing


Monday, September 03, 2012

Rollin' Along Over Labor Day Week-end / 2 Wheels, Watercraft and a Full Moon Over the Water

On the road riding into the sunset.

Rolling into Crosby, Minnesota at sunset.
BMW GS1200.

Killed a few bugs.

The blue moon over Whitefish Lake @ midnight.
Weezer at the wheel on Whitefish Lake @ sunset.
Rolling on the road bikes in the country.

Weezer on my wheel on a country road.
Half-way through a 30 mile bike ride, takin' a break.