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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


When one group loses, we all lose. The skiers will probably be the next group on the list if it keeps going this direction.

The following is from an article in Bikemagazine in the Spring of 2009. the Forest Service is deciding what to do with OUR LAND. This article pertains to Montana.

The rules are clear when it comes to Congressionally designated Wilderness: no roads, no buildings, no mining or logging, no motorized travel, no mechanized transport, and no bikes. They were written into the Wilderness Act of 1964. But the policies on how to manage Recommended Wilderness are less clear, especially concerning mountain bikers. The question for the Forest Service boils down to this: If a piece of land is recommended for Wilderness, and the Forest Service is required to preserve the wilderness character of that land, since mountain biking is banned from Wilderness, should the Forest Service ban mountain bikers from Recommended Wilderness, even if people have been riding on the trails for decades?
Foresters in the Region 1 offices of the Forest Service debated this question. But while they debated, demands on these lands grew greater every year. More hikers were hitting the trails. Mountain bikers, too. And snowmobilers were riding higher and further into the mountains than ever before. The Forest Service felt compelled to do something. So instead of a policy, it created a philosophy. And the philosophy is this: These lands should be managed as if they were Wilderness.
In doing so, the Forest Service sidestepped Congress and created de facto Wilderness— land managers in Montana found a way to create what is essentially Wilderness without any oversight, legislation, public comment or approval of any kind.
The effects of this philosophy first rippled through Montana three years ago, when the Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest released its travel-management plan, a document that dictates how the forest manages recreational uses. The Beaverhead Deerlodge includes 16 Recommended Wilderness Areas, and the new plan offered a similar recommendation for them all: ban mountain bikes, a move that closed 350 miles of singletrack in the forest to riders.

Tis the Snow Season / Snow & Cold in the Mountains

To view local information, select area of interest and click on the image below.
National Weather Outlook Northeast Michigan Northern Michigan Key West Southern Florida East Central Florida West Central Florida Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia Florida Peninsula Mobile - Pensacola Southeastern Louisiana Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana Shreveport Central Mississippi Central Alabama Northern and Central Georgia Northern Alabama Low Country of South Carolina and Georgia Central South Carolina Northeastern South Carolina and Southeastern North Carolina - Wilmington Western North Carolina and Northwest South Carolina Central North Carolina - Raleigh Eastern North Carolina Western Virginia, Southeast West Virginia, and Northwest North Carolina Eastern Tennessee Central Tennessee Western Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas and Northern Mississippi - Memphis Arkansas Texas - Houston/Galveston Southern Texas Corpus Christi, Victoria, and Laredo Texas Austin and San Antonio Dallas Fort Worth Eastern Oklahoma Central Texas - San Angelo Central Oklahoma Western Texas and Southeastern New Mexico Lubbock and South Plains Texas Texas Panhandle Southern New Mexico and extreme Western Texas - El Paso Northern and Central New Mexico Southeast Arizona Northern Arizona Central Arizona and California Deserts Eastern Kentucky Central Kentucky West Virginia Southwestern Ohio Eastern Virginia and Southern Maryland Eastern Virginia and Southern Maryland Washington D.C, Central Maryland, Northern Virginia, Eastern West Virginia Western Pennsylvania, East Central Ohio and Extreme Western Maryland Central Pennsylvania New Jersey, Delaware, and Southeastern Pennsylvania Northern Ohio South Central New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania Eastern New York and Western New England Areas Southeast New England Boston and Surrounding Areas Western New York - Buffalo Northern Vermont and New York Southern Maine Northern Maine Southern Illinois and Indiana, Southeastern Missouri and Western Kentucky Southwestern Missouri Eastern Missouri - West Central Illinois - Springfield Central Indiana Central and East Central Illinois Northwestern Missouri Northeastern Kansas Southeastern Kansas Southwestern Kansas - Dodge City North  Central Kansas and South Central Nebraska Northeastern Kansas and East Central Colorado - Goodland Southeastern Colorado Northeastern Colorado Northern Indiana and Northwestern Ohio Northeastern Illinois and Northwestern Indiana - Chicago Eastern Iowa and Northwestern Illinois - Quad Cities Central Iowa Eastern Nebraska and Southeastern Iowa - Omaha Valley Central Nebraska - North Platte Southeastern Michigan - Detroit Southeastern South Dakota, Southwestern Minnesota, and Northwestern Iowa Southeastern Wyoming and Western Nebraska Western Colorado and Eastern Utah Utah Southern and Southeastern Wisconsin Southwestern Michigan Northeast Michigan - Gaylord Southwestern Wisconsin, Southeastern Minnesota, and Northeast Iowa Southern Minnesota Northern and Northeastern South Dakota Western South Dakota and Northeastern Wyoming East Central Wisconsin - Green Bay Northeast Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin Southwestern California - San Diego Southern Nevada, Southeastern California and Northwestern Arizona - Las Vegas South Central California Los Angeles Area San Francisco Area Northeastern North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota Western Wyoming Northern and Northeastern Nevada Southeastern Idaho Southwestern Idaho and Eastern Oregon Western Nevada North Central California San Francisco Area Northwest California Coast Southwest Oregon and Northern California Southeastern Montana Western North Dakota Northeastern Montana Central Montana - Great Falls Western Montana and Central Idaho Northeast Oregon and Southeast Washington Northwest Oregon Eastern Washington Northwest Washington

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Finished the Fred Flintstone / St. Paul Landscape Project

This is part 2 of the September 4 Post

Click on picture to enlarge.

The creating part of the landscape jobs are done, now the fall clean-up is in full swing. It is snowing/raining today and we cleaned up one yard and checked out another job that is a yard clean-up on a big house. These are good jobs before the winter season starts.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yeah, Bring on the Powder

Some pictures from last year, some epic powder. The beauty of not having a home base in the mountains is that one can chase the powder. I very seldom make reservations, just track the weather on the link to the National Weather Maps. Just go to the snowstorm.

The new tool that I will be able to utilize is my new laptop computer which is set up with Verizon Mobile Broadband. I can access the Internet and get weather updates and avalanche reports right in my pickup on the road. I can check the avalanche reports from Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Utah to help me keep up with the snow conditions as the weather systems move through.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.
Last run of the day on my 166 Burton Malolo. This is one awesome board, I rode it at Copper Mountain for 3 days and then in the backcountry for 2 days on this trip. It just rips in the untracked powder. I used it on a couple of sledboarding trips last year up on Buffalo Pass and in Montana it floats up on top of cold powder.

What rides down must hike back up in the dark. 10th Mountain Hut trip, December 2008.
Weez hiking up with the 156 Burton Fish, powder board. This board rocks in deep cold pow.
Powder morning at a 10th Mountain Hut in Colorado.
Just needed this little powder fix. It's been snowing out west, still early, but time to start tracking the weather.

I'll be checking out the boards, the sleds and going through my backpacks. Fresh batteries in the avalanche beacons. Preparing the winter gear. GOOD TIMES!!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Avalanche Burial and Rescue in Haines, Alaska

Avalanche Skier POV Helmet Cam Burial & Rescue in Haines, Alaska from Chappy on Vimeo.

This a video from a helmet cam on a guy in Alaska. I found this on the Wildsnow blog site. He was dug out in less than 5 minutes. When the guide and the rest of the group started their search they found one of the buried skiers gloves on top of the snow which helped speed up the search. Notice the Tracker Avalanche Beacon hanging from the rescuers chest. This why you should have avalanche rescue training.

I have taken Avalanche I and II courses and did a refresher course 2 years ago, I learned new information each class. In the winter I receive 4 emails a day with the daily avalanche reports from Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. It keeps me up to speed on conditions in the different areas that I travel to in the winter snowmobiling and snowboarding. You can also get daily reports on many different areas just by checking the avalanche links on my blog. Click on the Avalanche Links. For up-to date weather reports click on the National Weather Map link on my page.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Crossing Open Water

Crossing Whitefish Lake on Thursday with a 24 foot pontoon and 90 HP motor. 40 MPH winds, raining to beat the band, temp at 40 degrees, my kind of weather. Didn't see any other boats on the lake. Felt like we were on the Bering Sea when the waves washed up over the deck when we were cutting into the swells. GOOD TIMES!!
These pictures were all taken after we got into the shelter of a bay. Winds were coming out of the east, south-east this day.
Gotta have the good rain gear, ya! Marmot jacket and North Face rain pants.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

AWD Forest Roads this Summer

Exploring the forest roads up north ,ya.
The deer flies were thick.
Found some good back-roads to rally around on.