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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas to All


To All A Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Old Time Minnesota Winter / Snow & Cold / -7 Degrees Tonight on the Pugsley Ride

A Minnesota winter brunch. Wash it down with a Monster Zero and I'm ready to tackle the sub-zero temps comin' our way. The plan is a Pugsley MTB ride later today along the Minnesota River.

It sure is good having Sunday and Monday off all winter, I am making the most of the 2 days to have a couple adventures each week. In the month of January we have a backcountry snowshoe, snowboard trip into the mountains of Colorado The weekly snowboarding with Ski Patrol and a mountain bike ride day will enable me to be fit and ready for the trip.   

Starting out in the late afternoon daylight is nice to get into the ride. The temps are about 0 degrees when I leave the truck, I'm wondering if this is a good idea. It's cold.

I'm getting the clothing layers sorted out with the different temps. I need to be warm but not too warm, dry is good and I feel comfortable. The first 20 minutes are always tough on the fingers. My left hand was very cold, my pinky finger was numb, I started working it around in my glove and the feeling started coming back. When one leaves the warmth of the truck or house, your body has to adjust and get the circulation out to your extremities. It happens every time with extreme temperatures. Ya got to accept it, that's the way it is.    
 I've been wanting to practice my fire starting this winter and tonight was perfect for it. The temps are sub zero and I rode about 7 miles out to the middle of nowhere. took a couple breaks to adjust to the temps and adjust clothing. Plenty of dead wood along the river so I gathered a small amount and had at it. I had the fire going in just a few minutes. Hydrated up, had a protein bar and savored the solitude of the remote location along the river banks. Mission accomplished.

 Stopped on the narrow bridge and listened to the creek burbling below. The water is still running even at -7 degrees.
 This sign is at the top of a climb out of the river valley, took a short break, still 3 miles to the truck.
Stopped for one more break before the last 1.5 miles. My body has adjusted to the temps and I feel like I could ride all night. It's not a race, it's get back alive and feel the adventure...Ride On!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Snowboard Patrol / Good to be on the Board

Clicked a couple of quick pictures from the chairlift of snowboarders in flight off the big air jumps. Good day to be snowboarding, cold and snowing, was at Afton for about 11 hours on Sunday...Ride On!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Surly Pugsley Winter Singletrack Adventure Under the Moonlight

Playing in the snow is good fun, young and older...
 Looking forward to a moonlit night on the singletrack. Temps are about 15 degrees, a bit warmer then the zero degrees out at the resort Ski Patroling last night.

The trail is a narrow ribbon winding through the woods packed down by fat tire riders. It takes a bit of concentration to stay on the packed trail and not to flounder in the deep snow. Found that the best way to stay on track was to stand up on the pedals, power up the climbs and stay out of the saddle on the twisty descents. The key is to balance traction and power and not spin the rear tire with ones weight forward. Took 3 good tumbles into the snow, doesn't take much to get off track.

Was out in the woods about 2.5 hours and outside in the elements about 3.5 hours. The idea is to become acclimated to the winter temps and find the ideal layers of clothing for all the different activities. We have a backcountry multi-day snowshoe / snowboard trip planned into a 10th Mountain Hut in the mountains of Colorado this winter. By snowboarding one day, then snow biking the next. I am able to find out what works for clothing and how to stay warm, but not sweat too much. I like to test my equipment and clothing in true winter conditions.    

 The view from the saddle, don't need much light with the moonlight. I use a bar mounted light and a Black Diamond headlamp zip tied to my helmet.

 I enjoy the breaks and the darkness when I turn off the lights. A Monster drink and energy bar are good for keepin' the pedals turning.  
Back at the truck a cold beverage and snack bar are the reward for a good ride under the moonlight...Ride On!

Monday, December 16, 2013

First Night of the Snowboard Patrol Season / Zero Degrees and a Winter Moon

Good to get back on the snowboard. 0 degrees and a Sunday night, the resort was quiet.

Got 3 runs in and had a injury call for Ski Patrol. Snowboarded over to the scene and applied a sling and swath to a young fellow with a broken collar bone. Wow right back into the Ski Patrol season.

Great to be back on the snowboard...Ride On!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Father Winter Blasts Into Minnesota / We Blast back on the Mountain Bikes

The season of Father Winter...Game on!
 Timing was great, the snow started as I was driving to the trailhead and nobody out. Got a good 3 hour adventure ride in. These are the days I live for, adverse conditions and a means to explore. The Puglsey is awesome in these conditions. 
 The Beaver house is now surrounded with ice and the geese have moved to the river with what is left of open water.
 I'm always in awe of the massive trees in the river bottoms. The starkness of early winter and a new snowfall give the trees center stage.
 The Canada Geese are on the river for the last of open water. At sundown they congregate on the river after feeding in the fields out in the country.

As the darkness settles in I take a break and watch a couple of deer in the woods. I picked up the reflection of their eyes in my headlamps. It is good to be in the solitude of the woods, miles from my truck. The night is when ones world is pretty much closed to within the reach of my lights. 
Arriving back at the truck after a good bike adventure and enjoying the solitude of the river bottoms, I take in the sight of the last fragments of the early winter sundown over the river.
Good Ride!

  A Week Later More Snow and Temperatures Below 0 Degrees 

Hooking up with my son Jeff Hall on a brisk -5 degree afternoon with fresh snow and a packed singletrack trail along the Minnesota River. Me on my Surly Pugsley and Jeff on a Salsa 29er.
The trails were narrow and packed in so that Jeff was able to run along with the 2.5" tires, I'm running 4" fat tires.

Rode up close to these whitetails at sundown. Their dark winter coats blend in well with the trees.

Back at the truck after 2.5 hours in -5 degree temps. Another good adventure along the river.
Ride On!

Monday, December 02, 2013

Giving Thanks for a Ride Along the River and Through the Woods

Amazing the natural sculptures that make up the River Bottoms. The Fall season eliminates the underbrush and makes the trees the stars.

 A good river ride is scattered with stops to soak in the starkness of the bare trees and just simply watching the water flowing. Always being alert for wildlife and the sounds of the woods.  

 With the cold snap that has froze the ponds the waterfowl has found open water along the river ice. Canadian Geese and a Mallard...what's with the Duck?

A sea of prairie grass typifies the fall season blowing in the wind.