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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Tune-up / Jeff Hall Racing / River Ride

 Starting the spring season by replacing worn out parts from the previous year. New chains, sprockets and cables. A bit of grease here and there, checking the brakes and cleaning the grime off, so as to start with a clean bike.
 My 29er got all new running gear and cables along with a brand new rear derailer. Jeff Hall donated it to me from his stash of gear that he won at the Chequamegon over the years. It's great to have spare parts from all the years of racing.

 Jeff Hall
Jeff's even wrenching on his bikes now adays. With his kids riding and his commuting, he had to start doing a bit of maintenance as I did for him all those years on the Pro Mountain Bike circuit.

Jeff raced on the National and World Cup Circuits from his age of 14 till 32 years old (1990 - 2008). He raced on the USA National MTB Team at 2 World Championships. With an 18th place in the 1994 World Junior MTB Race. A 17th place and top American at the 1996 World MTB Championships in Cains, Australia. First U23 Pro National MTB Champion in the USA, 1996. With 2 top 10 seasons, a 14th and several top 20 seasons on the USA MTB circuit. In 2007 he finished 3rd and 7th in 2 Austria National MTB races. Jeff gained much respect in the MTB world over the years. The announcer at the Nationals referred to him as the Prairie Schooner.

Along the way he had much success in the upper Midwest of the USA. A Chequamegon 40 MTB winner, 2 time Short Chequamegon winner. Won The Ore to Shore MTB Race, a 48 mile point to point race in Marquette Michigan. Many State MTB Championships in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa over the years.        
 The little Man keeping his eye on the bike stand and me as I wrenched on the bikes on a sunny Spring day.

PART 2: The River MTB Ride
 Looking across the Mighty Mississippi River on a brisk damp Spring day.
 Lets go there!! I'm ready for anything. The big 29er is ready to roll with all new running gear.
 My friend the Tree within a Tree. Huge old Cotton Wood Tree.
 A spy photo in the murky river bottoms.
Mans best friend with wheels in the river bottom woods. In the old days, (1970s and early 80s), my cycle had a motor on it. 350 Big Horn Kawasaki, DT 400 Yamaha, KDX Kawasaki Enduros and TT500 Yamaha. Now it's the stealth ride, Still doing the knobby tire bogey after 40 years.
It's all "GOOD TIMES"!!