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Monday, November 30, 2009

Sled Mods & Thanksgiving

These are the 4 modifications that I made to the M8 Arctic Cat to prepare for the mountains. The first trip to Wyoming and Colorado is coming up quickly so I was glad to finish the project. I took the pictures in the dark trailer, I'll get some better pics on the snow.
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3 " Riser block to raise the handle bars.
Ice scratchers (the black coiled spring on the rail) to kick up the snow to keep everything running cool on the track and the engine cooler under the tunnel. They release off the rail and drag in the snow
The new seat, it is shorter, taller, narrower and 4 pounds lighter.
The all important snowboard rack. It went on with only drilling 2 holes. I am able to remove the rack with 2 twist knobs and releasing 2 straps that attach to the rear bumper. There is still plenty of room for a plastic gas container on the tunnel.
SUV Powder CAT.

Thanksgiving Day
Three of my 5 grandkids at their house for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Snowing in the Mountains

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Will be out West in December. Preparing the sleds now.

The 08' M8 Cat just got a new 2010 seat. It's 4 pounds lighter, taller, more narrow and about half the length of the original seat. Better side to side and stand up transition. More like the set-up on the Polaris Dragon. Also a 3" riser block for the handle bars, for better standing position (I ride standing up about 90% of the time). Putting ice scratchers on for cooling in low or hard snow conditions, you need them with the long tracks.

Trying to decide on a snowboard mount for the Cat. The Dragon is ready to go right now.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Good Week For Mountain Bike Rides

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We did some nice singletrack riding close to home this week. Get out on the bikes in the morning, the temps about 38 - 40 degrees. It's always great to get out in the woods in the late fall, with the leaves on the trail and surface a little damp from the frost in the morning, it can be a little slick. I always like twisty singletrack to work the reflexes and the short climbs to stretch the legs and work the upper body. I like to end the ride on the pavement to finish with a steady power pedal and spin the legs.
It's great to get out in the middle of the week, without the week-end crowd. Three bike rides in the last 4 days, I like it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mountain Cat in the Den

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The new sled in the trailer, a 2008 M8 162" Arctic Cat. It's a long story, but I'll keep it short.

I sold the 2008 700 RMK 155", it had about 400 miles. I kept the 2008 700 RMK Dragon 155". Ended the day with a 2008 800 Mountain Cat 162" track, the sled is in excellent condition with about 500 miles.

The Cat is going to be an awesome sled for sledboarding. With a 162" track it's going to hook up and climb anything I dare. The Cat is supposed to be the top deep powder boondocking sled in the mountains. The Polaris Dragon kicks out 140 horsepower, the Cat is putting out about 146 horsepower. For sure the 800 will have more grunt up the steep mountains pulling a snowboarder. This is going to be an excellent opportunity to ride two of the top ranked mountain sleds. The Polaris Dragon 700 and the M8 Arctic Cat. I didn't plan this scenario it just fell into place.

I have the Dragon set up completely for us. I raised the handle bars up to 5.25", put a left hand throttle, snowboard rack, ice scratchers, gas can rack, removed the windshield and mounted a set of hand guards. This sled rocks. The Cat will be my project over the next 4 weeks. To set up for my riding style, I'll need to put a riser block for the bars (90% of the riding in the mountains is standing up), hand guards, ice scratchers, and a new taller, shorter seat. Then mount a snowboard rack.

I rode the Dragon on two of the 4 trips last year. The second trip with the wild bunch, we rode in epic conditions, 4 feet of fresh powder over 3 days. The first day in the backcountry it was about -12 degrees, with 35-40 MPH winds, it was super light powder. it was great on the ridge tops with the snow blowing across. The Dragon performed great in theses conditions. I will be looking for these conditions to run the Cat in and add more snowboarding to the adventures.
Two different sleds, it will be great to ride both different set-ups, first hand comparing. Two trips in December, coming up fast. The planning and gearing up for the adventures is a huge part of the whole experience. Both the gear and the body have to be in shape for the, GOOD TIMES!!
Many paddles to move the powder and climb the mountain.