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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Adventure Motorcycling is What One Makes of It / Good Times on the BMW R1200 GS

Exploring in the country on a motorcycle is great way to take in the sights and check out a creek. With all the rain that has fallen in the past weeks and the cooler temps, the creeks and the farm fields are swollen and the foliage is growing. This is an area that I have traveled through for many years, usually in the fall during the hunting seasons.

 The Beemer strikes an imposing figure at a trailhead along the Minnesota River. The horse flies and mosquitoes are thick in the summer heat along the river.
 In the fall season the gravel roads look a bit more black and white. It is good to see the country in it's summer colors of shades of green.

When out in the country, it is a good idea to check out the soft ground for animal tracks.

This photo is of a White Tail Deer track. I placed a quarter next to it to show the size of the track, as  it was made by a fawn with it's tiny hoof prints. The Mother Doe tracks were next to the tiny fawns tracks.
Country Road...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Brother Bills' 750 Honda Cafe Racer / Bill & The Beemer

1976 Honda 750 project Cafe Racer.

Brother Bill came to town on his 750 Honda and took the BMW R1200 GS out for a test ride. He was all smiles when he got back, the Beemer will do that to ya.
The 750, 4 cylinder was a piece of beauty. The 4 into 1 exhaust pipe was a popular add on, back in the day.

 The BMW just looks ready for an adventure. It's a 2013 liquid cooled 1200 GS.
 Test riding new motorcycles is always a Good Time!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wow...How About a May Recap / May was a Blur so Here Goes

BMW R1200 GS / 2013, new water GS. Over 700 miles in May to break it in. Rode in some challenging weather. It was snowing this morning on the ride in. That's why they call these motorcycles "Adventure Bikes".  
 Ride em in the May snow...
 Got some good mountain biking in, down by the river.

 Had a good road trip, 700 miles overnight to pick up 8 motorcycles in Wisconsin. The Ecoboost F150 pulled the 27 foot trailer with ease.

 Whitefish Lake still had ice well into the month of May. The winds were blowing at about 40 MPH this week-end so the lake ice was moving and shifting into the shoreline.

 Another motorcycle that I spent some time riding was a new Honda Goldwing, loaded. It is good to be able to ride these very nice motorcycles. They are all different and I like adjusting to the different riding styles.
 Then there were the turkeys that a saw on one of my motorcycle rides. Came around a corner and he was strutting in the middle of the road. There were a couple hen turkeys that he was showing off for.
 With all the funky weather, there was also some sunny days and brother Bill rode his vintage 750 Honda into town on a Saturday. This is his project bike that he rebuilt. It looks and sounds great.
 With having Mondays off, I was able to take a good road trip on the BMW R1200 GS. It was a good 280 mile day with a mix of paved and gravel roads all the way to the Iowa border and made a loop back to the east and stopped into my sons and daughter-in laws house for a good supper and then hammered the final 80 miles home. This is my favorite motorcycle to date. If you get a chance ya got to ride one... 
 Taking a break along the Country Roads...May was a good adventure month, I like the unpredictable weather, just wear the right clothing and I'm good to go.
Ride On!!