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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 3 / Wyoming Backcountry Snowmobile Trip

After 2 great days of wind and snow in the mountains, day 3 was sunny and windy. I am one who likes it stormy with adverse conditions. It is good to have the sunny days to scout larger areas with visibility like we had today.

It was a great day to explore the distance mountain ridges and bowls. The winds were howling across the mountain tops just like I like it. Here are a few pictures from today.

Thanks for checking my adventures out.

 The views were awesome and the winds were whipping the snow into interesting sculptures.
After many miles up and down the mountains in the backcountry, it was one last downhill to a creek and then head back to the truck. Good day in the mountains...we all came back safe along with some great adventures and deep powder riding experiences.

Good Night...1 more day of riding. 

Wyoming in Pictures

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 2 / Wyoming Backcountry Snowmobile Trip

The Big Cat was feeling mighty frisky today...Feasting on pure Wyoming Powder!!

It's late I'm going to bed, finished my beer and rest up for more Powder tomorrow...Good Times! Good Night!

Day 1 / Wyoming Backcountry Snowmobile Trip

A 24 hour day in the life of a backcountry snowmobiler...1010 mile drive overnight, sleep in the truck as we keep on driving. Eat a quick breakfast at daylight. drive the final 90 miles. Drive up the mountain and get dressed at the trailhead. Ride the snowmobiles for 6 hours in powder. Then drive down off the mountain and grab a hamburger for supper...Have a couple of beers before bed. Call it a day, yeah!!

A few pictures of the first day on the sleds.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Day 4 Bozeman / Bridger Bowl Snowboard Trip

After hiking up to the ridge the day before, we took 1 run in the resort and prepared for the hike up to the top of the Ridge.

The Ridge is within the boundaries of Bridger Bowl. The requirements are that you must have an avalanche transceiver on, a shovel and a partner to climb to the top. It is another 600 feet of elevation above the top ski lifts. There are 2 gates to access the ridge and then you are on your own. When one descends from the top there are many challenges. The top of the mountain is full of cliffs, steep chutes and you have to be aware of what is below you so that you don't get trapped. This area received over 4 feet of snow the week before so there was good coverage in the chutes.

Here are a few pictures of our final day at Bridger Bowl. It was a very good day on the snowboards. With the high winds and a bit of new snow overnight, there was good snow on the north facing chutes and in the trees. 
 We hiked to the top and strapped into the boards. I dropped in first and got some good turns, then waited for Weez to snowboard down.

 Weez went past me and hunkered down behind some trees. Then I dropped down the chute.

 Weez dropped into a bowl to finish the snowboard run from the top.

 After a lunch break, it was into the trees we go. The trees on the south end of Bridger are spaced apart and are at a good steepness so that it is a blast to weave through them at speed. With the high winds from the night before, there was a nice layer of fresh snow.

Fun to whip through the trees.

 With the sun setting in the west and the winds kicking up, it was a great visual of the ridge line. The sun was lighting up the blowing snow. It gave the effect of fire and smoke above the mountain.

It was a rewarding trip to Montana. Several hikes up above the lifts toward the Ridge and some challenging steep snowboarding. Bridger Bowl is a resort with many challenges. Steeps, cliffs, trees and much natural terrain.

It is always...Good Times!!