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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Adventure Motorcycle Tires / BMW GS


I have ridden over 26,000 miles in the past 3 years on BMW GS Adventure Motos with knobbies.  Some of my thoughts on 50/50 tires. I also rode another 12,000 miles over the same time period on standard 20 off-road / 80 on-road tires. It gave me a good feeling for the differences...

# Continental TKC 80. They are the best in my mind, Knobs. I have used these tires on my 2012 1200 GSA, on my rental 1200 GS & on my 2015 F800 GS. I have ridden thousands of miles in the rain, muddy gravel roads, dry gravel and once a week on muddy ATV trails up at the cabin where I live in the summer... Then I can jump on the pavement and 65-100 MPH, full confidence.

# Continental TKC 70. No go. Ran them on a rental 1200 GS, good when they were new. They cupped on the front tire and didn't last as long as the TKC 80 Knobby.

# Metzler Karoo 3. Good. Don't know alot about them, have. used Metezler knobbies on my DRZ400, I liked them.

# Michelin Anakee Wild. No go. I know a guy who owns a Moto Dealer and ran the Anakee Wild on a KTM 1290, he didn't like them.

# Kenda Big Block. No go. Look like TKC 80, not nearly as good.

# Mitas E 10. Maybe. Have seen a few riders use them, don't know that much, but seem to work well.

# Heidenau K60 Scout. No go. slippery in rain they don't have much of a shoulder, will wash out on gravel. Me, "I don't like to fall down"... 

 I had 3 1200 GS motos in my rental fleet, I rode thousands of miles on Metzeler Tourances and Michelin Anakee 3 standard tires. they are a blast on the pavement, but I had some close calls offroad on them... I talked to riders and researched tires before I mounted new tires on the F800 this Spring to see if there was a better tire out there... Stayed with the Continental TKC 80 again.

This is what can happen when one is out in a cow pasture at midnight...haha. Discovered that I can pick up a BMW 1200 GSA all by my self.



 Ride On Knobby...

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Spring Flinging the Fat Bikes / Tale of 2 Springs / Mud and Snow

Good clean fun is to be had in the Minnesota River Bottoms during the Spring thaw... Still running the studded tires in February, plenty of ice along with the river mud. Compared to the old days of the 90s, these fat tire bikes are in their element. Mud, water, ice, snow, it is a joy to have this big fat tire to churn through.

Back in the day with the 2.1 x 26 tires it was a real slog through the conditions that I encountered this day in February.  
 It is a good day when you are getting back to the trailhead after dark.
 Bright color in the drab Spring.
 With the warm temps in February I was able to experience different conditions and access some secluded swamps by following the deer trails. Cool to take in the solitude of the area.

 Mud is the color of choice in the Spring...
 Gotta have a good pack. This is a 16 year old Burton Snowboard Pack that has seen used as a mountain backcountry snowboard, snowmobile pack. Carried a snowboard as we explored the mountains.

The only backpacks that I use for my activities are Snowboard Packs. Dakine and Burton, are the 2 brands. They are tough as an ole oak tree, water resistant and have good exterior straps that I can use to strap on snowboards and any thing else I might need.  

More recently the old Burton pack has become my mountain bike / off-road motorcycle pack. It is loaded with gear for the woods... A light weight vest, a wind jacket, headlamp, rain pants, extra gloves, small am/fm radio, packet of tools, crescent wrench, allen wrenches, pliers, fire starting kit, cliff bars, 2 bike lights, foldable wood saw, small hatchet, bug spray, zip ties, knife, a multi-tool, first aid splint and cravat, ibuprofen, extra bottle water, thermos of Rock Star and a few other items I happen to throw in at the last minute.     
 Another sunset over the Minnesota River.

Back into Winter Mode in March
 Spring means snow in this State. March brought a couple sweet snow storms that I was able to be out during the storms. Making fresh tracks a couple times is a real treat. 

 The Geese just take the weather in stride and don't get too rattled.

 Living for the adventure...
 Spring also brings the barges back up the River for the new season.
 A Gal has to have a big tire bike...for her adventure.
This is 6 years ago with Jeff Hall and his kids, my Grandkids...Ride On!!