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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Going out to Snowboard Patrol today. Getting out about 3 times a week right now. Haven't done any trips for over a month. Just boarding here keeps ya sharp, the snow has been soft during the day and stiffens up in the evening.

Try to find some time for a run out to the mountains soon. There's plenty of snow out there.

I put a new link to Jeremy Jones on my blog links, check it out. The best big mountain snowboard rider in the world. The guy rocks in Alaska in some videos, just punch in his name on u-tube or check out this trailer.

Teton Gravity Research :: TGR TV :: Video Viewer:: "Lost and Found: Teaser 2"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Maddness

Spring Storms

I have 12 years of snowboarding and winter travels, with more and more winter backcountry travel, along with a fair share of backcountry mountain biking. My wife and I have done several mountain bike trips to the Marble, Crested Butte area of Colorado, awesome rides. Someday I want to do a winter travel trip to this area. I bought a book a while back, Dawson's Guide / Colorado Backcountry Skiing by Louis Dawson, check it out.

I have been using my sled to access areas, scouting terrain for snowboarding. I mentioned earlier about learning to ride the snowmobile, it takes time to master riding in the mountains. If I get myself into a tough situation I want to be able to handle it. My plan was to ride with riders that were more experienced than myself. It really has paid off. I had the chance to ride with 2 different groups this past January, both trips were total powder fests. We got feet of snow not inches. It was a great challenge, with some great boonedocking in the trees. I found some potential snowboard slopes on each trip.