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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Colorado / 12-18-09

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The views from above Berthoud Pass. The snowpack was still a bit sketchy, so we decided to stay in safe zones, and get as much powder as we could.

Yours Truly showing off the Burton Fish from "World Boards". This is a great powder board that darts through the trees and transitions quick on the steeps. You only have to shift slightly to the rear and the nose just surfs.
Weez is rocking on her own Burton Fish. She was really cranking in the powder having a good time.

Steve has 2 speeds, idle and FULL SPEED AHEAD.

Jay was feeling the powder.
We got in 3 good runs on this day. Weez and I use the Atlas Backcountry Snowshoes, they have the lift for your heel which makes climbing the steep much less effort.
Steve making it look easy, he got in 4 runs on the day.
Big Fish little Fish standing in the snow.
Switching from up mode to down. It is when you put your outer layer of clothes and gloves back on. As you step out of your snowshoes into your snowboard you can enjoy the view and grab a drink before the descent, the reward for your effort.
We got into a steeper tree area on our last run.
The snow was great and we darted in and out of the trees.

The last run of Weezs' and my trip was the best. Steve and Jay stayed 2 more days, so they were right in the middle of their trip.

We finally got the powder runs that we had hunted for all week, everybody came home safe and it was a "GOOD TIMES" adventure. We had 3 days on the snowmobiles on top of Buff Pass in some untracked powder. One day snowboarding in the resort at Copper Mountain with fresh snow. A good day of hiking and shredding some powder at Berthoud Pass the last day. Even the freezing rain and snow storms on the drive out set the tone for the week, don't let your guard down.

Ya just have to be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you and don't force your plans, be flexible. With the red light avalanche conditions and thousands of miles driven we made the right decisions "knock on wood" this month. We met interesting people, laughed, downed a few cold ones and lived the life. Weez and I thank Steve and Jay for their companionship and good humor.

The kicker is, another storm is ramping up out west and we could gas up the truck and do it all over again. Yikes!! I better have a beer and go to bed, it's 3:07 AM!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I've got one more day of the Colorado trip I'll post tonite. Been busy since I got home so, have a good one and thanks for following.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Copper Mountain / 12-17-09

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Ya gotta' have gear.
We snowboarded at Copper Mountain on Thursday with Steve and Jay, 2 fellow Ski Patrols. The plan had been to do some backcountry snowboarding and skiing, but with the avalanche prone snowpack ( Check the link to Colorado Avalanche ) we decided to stay in the resort. It was all good, with it snowing all morning and a chance to get in many runs.
Weez and Jay.

Top of the palma lift at Copper.

Steve and Jay, snowing and blowing pretty good at the top.

It was a good day on the snow. To get the feel for the board and work the muscles for snowboarding, it is good to ride the resort. One can get many runs together and work on the speed, along with working the edges of the board.

This vid was a little shaky, but I was trying to keep Weez in view and not end down on my face. This was on Thursday and it was at Copper Mountain, Colorado. First day of the trip able to spend some good time on the snowboards. We were staying at our buddy Steve's condo at the foot of the mountain.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Colorado / 12-16-09

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Digging an avalanche pit.

Isolate a block.

The new top layer of the past week-end snow is on top and is easily sluffed off.
A pull on the block and it easily breaks off at the fauceted snow near the ground.
Align RightIt's all sugar faucet snow with no bonding at all. that is the problem with the snowpack right now. That is why we didn't get in much backcountry snowboarding the last 2 days. Weak snowpack.
All packed up and ready to head off the mountain. Rode some great powder on the top of Buff Pass with the sleds, stayed safe and learned more about the snowpack. GOOD TIMES on the mountain today.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009