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Friday, September 27, 2013

Wolves in the Woods / Breaking Trail with the Suzuki DRZ400

Day 1
Arrive up north with a clean freshly lubed motorcycle and truck...
 Gotta love a good knobby.
 The exploring this trip got into some remote and overgrown trails. By the end of the summer on the untraveled trails, the foliage covers the trail leaving a faint path to navigate through.

 By exploring the path least taken, one is treated to sights such as this remote pond. As I crept up to the opening I noticed a pair of Wood Ducks on the far shore, it's great to be out observing nature. 
 This is a set of tracks that I believe are wolf tracks. Large and traveling in a straight line down one of the logging roads. I followed the tracks for over a mile down the trail before they cut into the woods. 
 Day one was a good riding and woods experience. Exploring new areas, seeing the signs of wildlife and gettin' dirty.

Topping the end of the day off with a good supper at a local bar and grill with Weezer was good stuff.

Day 2
Day 2 started out rolling down some logging roads and opening up the 400 a bit.

I turned off on a smaller narrow trail and came upon some more, what I believe were 3 sets of wolf tracks. The tracks appeared to be fairly fresh.

As I travel down the trails I keep an eye out for any signs of tracks in the mud. This day I was several miles west of the riding on day 1. I have heard that wolves have moved into this general region. It would be exciting to have a wolf sighting this fall.

The Suzuki in it's element...blending into the foliage.
As I headed farther north, I came upon a pond that a beaver family had dammed up. Along the dam I observed a fresh set of bear tracks in the mud. It's great to be able to ride into these remote areas and be close to the wildlife and know that I may get a sighting of some elusive critter.  
In this picture I am standing on the beaver dam which is about 5 feet high and in the corner of the pond I could see the massive beaver house.

Exploring is my passion and the 400 Suzuki is a great means of backcountry travel!
Meanwhile back at the cabin awaits an ice cold Montana beer, "Moose Drool" to refresh after a day in the saddle.
Good Times!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Two Rides at the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival / September 2013

Packed up and arriving in Northern Wisconsin Friday night. The race starts at 10:00am Saturday morning.
 Jeff Hall a bit feisty at 5:30am Saturday morning.
 I've got a motor to ride during the race...Jeff supplies the motor for his bike.

9 minutes before the gun goes off to start the 40 mile off-road MTB race. 2100 riders are set to launch down main street of Hayward, Wisconsin.
 Out on the road for 3 miles and then the turn into Rosies Field for 37 miles of off road MTB racing.
 Jeff Hall #11 rockin; at the front. He was in 3rd behind Tilford across Rosies Field.
 This is the lead 4-wheeler at about the 23 mile point. 20 seconds after I snapped this photo the lead pack of about 12 riders came flying by me on their way towards Fire Tower Hill.
I stay ahead of the mountain bike race leaders on the motorcycle, traveling along forest roads.
 The lead 4-wheeler after the Fire Tower Hill climb, 10 miles to go. The lead group of 12 riders is starting to break up as the speed and intensity increases. This is where the race pace increases and the race is decided in the final climbs in the last 2-3 miles.
 Jeff finishing a strong 8th.
 Jeff didn't leave anything out on the trail. He raced as hard as he could, 8th place / setting a personal best @ 2:04:16 / 40 miles / average speed @ 19.7 mph.
 So close, it all came down to the last mile.
40 miles later, Jeff Hall and I at the finish...Good Times!!

I first raced the Chequamegon Fat Tire Race back in 1985, which was the 3rd year of the 40 mile race. I raced the 40 mile Chequamegon till the year 1993. After that I started to manage and travel with Jeff.

My older Son Chad first raced the Short and Fat in 1986. Jeff and his Brother Chad raced the Short and Fat 16 mile race back in 1987. Jeff was was 11 years old and Chad was 13 years old.

 I believe that Jeff has raced at Chequamegon 22 times over the past 26 years. In 1995 Jeff won the Chequamegon 40 at the age of 19. Another top 40 result was a 2nd place finish behind Jonathan Page. He won the Short and Fat in 1992 and 1993. Jay Richards and Jeff battled it out in 1991, with Jay winning and Jeff taking 2nd in the Short and Fat.

In 1994 Jeff qualified for the 1994 World Mountain Bike Championships and rode to an 18th place in the World at Vail,Colorado. 1995 was the year Jeff turned Pro and won the Chequamegon 40.  The year 1996 he raced at the World Mountain Bike Championships in Cains, Australia and finished 17th in the World.
 Jeff Hall and Bobby one of the original 1984 Chequama Mammas. 69 years young and still racing...
 Brian Matter 1st, TJ Woodruff 2nd, Mike Olheiser 3rd, top 3 Men. Chloe Woodruff 1st, Jenna Rinehart 2nd, Sara Kylander- Johnson 3rd, top 3 Women.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Chequamegon Fat Tire Flashback / 2008 / Jeff Hall / Mike Hall / GOOD TIMES!!


Jeff Hall at Maplelag 2013 on a Brand New Foundry Mountain Bike.


Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival 2008

Traveling up to Hayward, Wisconsin later today for another Chequamegon Race. 40 miles of racing a mountain bike. Jeff averages 19 MPH during the race.

My job is, support of racer Jeff Hall. Prepare the mountain bike, hand up water bottles and anything else that comes up. I'll spend the race on the forest backroads intercepting the racers to hand up water bottles to Jeff. I will cover about 36 miles. The last 7 years I have used my enduro motorcycles, that is a blast. This year I'll use the truck.

I raced the 40 mile race from 1985 - 1993. It sure seemed like more mud back then... I raced both times Greg LeMond raced so that was a good time. Jeff was winning the Short and Fat back then, 2 times, in the early 90s. Jeff won the 40 mile race in 1995. Wow, it has been a hell of alot of mountain bike racing since then. Crazy!!

Have a great week-end. Good Times!!