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Friday, February 28, 2014

United States Department of CommerceHazardous Weather Condition

Apple Valley MN

7 Day Forecast

NWS Weather Forecast Office
Partly Cloudy
Low: -13 °F
Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 80%

High: 14 °F
Slight Chance Light Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 20%
Slight Chc
Light Snow
Low: -4 °F
Chance Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 50%
High: 3 °F
Decreasing Clouds
Low: -16 °F

Top 10 Winter in the North Land / Number of Days Temparture Below Zero this Winter

The big Ford F150 is in it's element... -13 below zero again tonight. This is a good winter to enjoy the outdoor winter activities. A few pictures. We received 7 inches of snow on top of rain, then the temps plummeted below zero and gave us a real winter wonderland. Snowboarding and Ski Patroling were great with the fresh snow and cold temps.
Out on the roads at 2:00 AM during the storm. Good times!

 The little Ford has seen it's share of snow this winter and just keeps plowing through. I put a set of Michelin X-Ice snow tires on and they rock. The car is a blast to drive with these conditions.

Hitting the slopes with fellow Ski Patrols
 Conditions are very good now and the cold is keeping people away, so there are no crowds. Had to splint a young guys broken wrist, just to keep it interesting.

Board On!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sundown on the Prairie

The tree of the day. I can see where the trees in the "Wizard of Oz" came alive, the personality is out there for all to see. Makes one wonder what that sucker has been through in it's many years standing out in the middle of the prairie.
 Sometimes the adventure is just getting out into the countryside and strapping the snowshoes on and go cross country. The starkness of a late winter day is my favorite part of the day, going from daylight to night.   

My gloves seem to be giving thanks for the last rays of daylight. Ski poles make a good hanger for my gloves as I take a break for a shot of water and a energy bar.

This winter has been a good time for fire building and practicing a bit of winter survival in the extreme temps and conditions. A fire always creates a feeling of security and throws off the warmth that takes the edge off the sub zero temps.  

A twist to this adventure was that after my fire in the woods, I discovered that my lightweight blue jacket was missing. I had strapped it onto my backpack and hiked across the prairie, down off the bluffs and boonedocked through a swamp. So I had no choice but to backtrack on my snowshoe track and low and behold as I approached the bluffs, there it was. It worked out good to be hiking back on the trail that I had packed in earlier.

Got back to the truck in the dark and felt good to have experienced another winter evening...
Snowshoe On!!  

Friday, February 14, 2014

Best Winter Ever / Cold & Snow / Fat Tire Surly

Good ride down along the Minnesota River on a beautiful evening. Started out in the late afternoon and rode into the dark. The snow conditions were very good and the temps were about 5 degrees at the start and dropped to about -2 degrees after 2 hours on the trails. We were treated to a moonlight ride back to the truck.

 The moon came out bright on the ride back and the Coyotes started their chorus of howling. It always adds to the adventure of being out and sharing a cold winter night with the sounds of the night.

Ride On!!
Moon over the Fat Tire...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

10th Mountain Hut Trip / Final Chapter / Road Trip Home

When one is traveling in the backcountry, wearing a backpack and switching gear is the rule. For me with my snowboard and snowshoes it means a transition from one to the other. For the skiers, to travel uphill it means applying skins to the bottom of their skis. Then removing the skins for the ski down.   

 Dan following the track up.
 All my gear in the snow for the transition as I arrive at the top of the mountain after the climb up.
 My snowshoes secured to my pack for the decent on my snowboard.
 This was the rock face that I was doing laps on as the snowfall increased and darkness settled in. Hike up, snowboard down, did about 6 loops. Good fun!

 The Final Day
Hike out from the Cabin / Start the 1000 Mile Drive Home
 We gather in the falling snow before the slog out to the trailhead. It snowed all night and there was about 2 feet of fresh powder on the ground.

 The woods were awesome with the blanket of fresh snow.

I arrive at the trailhead feeling strong. 3 days and 2 nights in the Colorado mountains with great midwinter conditions and everybody back alive and well...Hike and Ride On!

 Road Trip Home / 1000 Miles Overnight / Snowstorm 

Wayside Hotel, pulled in for a 2.5 hour break and then the final 700 mile sprint for home.
Good Times!!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Colorado 10th Mountain Hut Trip

The trailhead and start of a 3 day adventure in the Colorado mountains.
 It was about a 4.5 mile slog up to the cabin, we gained 1200 feet of vertical. The cabin sits at 11,200 feet.

 A snack break along the trail, with 13,000 homestead peak in the background.
 The tree of the day...
 I popped over the ridge and the cabin was in view. The surrounding mountains range from 12,000 to over 13,000 feet.
 Ted arriving at the destination.

Day 2 @ the Hut
Steve, Dan, Ted and I are all geared up and ready for a hike up to the top of the ridge. Followed by snowboarding and skiing down.
Traversing across the mountain and gaining elevation...
Dan doing the the kick turn up the traverse.
Steve skinning above along the 12,000 foot ridge, just blue sky above.
Ted and I arriving up top. The views are amazing.

Snowshoing, snowboarding,or snowmobiling, reaching the top of a mountain is the moment of appreciating ones surroundings.     
Steve removing his ski skins for the ski down.
Skiing off the top.

After a snowboard down, we hiked back up and I savored the views and hiked further up the ridgeline. Evidence of a natural avalanche was on the north facing ridge.

The picture below is of Homestead Peak, over 13,000 feet across the huge bowl. I could see the snow blowing off the far ridge.   

Check out The 10th Mountain Hut
 Ride and Hike On!!