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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jeremy Jones

Check out my link to Jeremy Jones. The guy just finished 27 days in remote Alaska with a group of guys that are at the start of a 2 year filming project. The goal for Jeremy is to explore remote areas on snowboards using primarily human power, to film their experiences and open new ideas.

They were flown in by a bush airplane to a remote area in Alaska on a glacier. Then set up a base camp from which they would hike up to the surrounding peaks. One or two runs a day, then back to base camp. It sounds like Cliff Bars were one of the major food sources... they are fairly easy to prepare. Read his story to find out more.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Training Blog

I'm starting to ramp up a new blog geared toward athletes in training for... well anything, biking, snowboarding, ice hockey, hiking, endurance training, ect.. My email is on it and I posted a few sample weekly training schedules. I'm still trying to find a good format. Any questions are good and I can help work with training issues.

The link is, MJ HALL / ADVENTURES / Training on my link list. The site is slightly different, at

I've got over 35 years experience coaching, personal training, motorpacing bicyclists with a motorcycle, running clinics, consulting and competing in hockey, mountain biking, snowboarding, Ski Patrol, mountain backcountry snowmobiling (powder boonedocking... ever try to wrestle a 500 pound machine in 6-9 feet of powder. Not ditch banging, or trail riding, big difference). Have much experience with altitude and adapting. How about airline flying with 2 bikes and 200+ pounds of gear. Questions? I'll try and help.

Any ideas, comments, link to the new site and comment or drop me an email.

Thanks, Mike