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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Good Week-end on Two Wheels / BMW 1200 GS Adventure / Fat Tire Bike

Day 1
 170 miles of gravel roads...

Day 2
 Following the banks of the Mississippi River on the fat tires.

 Day 3
A long week-end with a good night ride along the Mississippi River.

Ridin' on 2 Wheels!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

US National Fat Bike Championship Race / Fat Bike Birkie 2015 / Great Lakes Fat Bike Series

Team LAMERE Cycles is rolling down the road in style with the new van just in time for the Fat Bike Birkie. Jeff Hall is rolling down the trail on his LAMERE Fat Bike and HED Wheels.  
 The starting line is loaded Ned Overend, Brendan Moore, Jesse LaLonde, Jeff Hall, Will Ross, Jenna Reinhartand, April Morgan and Diana McFaddon.
 JP "Buzzy" LaMere was rolling with the Lauf Fork on his LAMERE Fat Bike, having a good ole time in the North woods of Wisconsin. Buzzy had a very good ride today.

 Hollywood would ride to a 14th place today.

 Close to 800 riders out in the woods of the Fat Bike Birkie, good winter conditions.
 This was the lead group of big guns, the top 8 with about 14k remaining. This pack consisted of Jeff Hall, Ned Overend, Will Ross, Brendan Moore, Jesse LaLonde, Justin Piontek, Cory Stelljes and Jason Lamoreaux.

Several attacks off the front from Ned, Jeff Hall, Brendan and Will Ross. With about 10K left, Ned attacked hard and broke the group. It was a race to finish with Ned, Will and Jeff getting a gap. Then Will and Ned got away from Jeff. It became a battle between Will and Ned out front with Brendan making contact with Jeff and those two duking it out for 3rd and 4th.  
 Will Ross with the win in a time of 1:55:30 over a distance of 47K.
 Ned Overend across in 2nd @ 1:55:50.
 Brendan Moore 3rd @ 1:56:04 and Jeff Hall 4th @ 1:56:07.

 Jeff and his family along with Weez at the finish.
 Jeff, Brendan and Ned Overend.
 The Big Man of Wisconsin Mountain Biking since 1983, Gary Crandall hanging at the finish line.
 The Hwood taking it home in 14th place.
 This was also the final race in the Great LakesFat Bike Series.

Jeff Hall took 2nd in the series with 4 wins and one 4th place finish. Jay "Hollywood" Henderson took 4th in the series. That put 2 LAMERE Cycles on the podium with their Podium Wear kits and looking good.
 Owen taking his Dads LAMERE for a ride after the race...

Fat Bike On!!

Friday, March 06, 2015

Yellowstone Park After Dark / Leaving Cooke City, Montana

A few views as we leave Cooke City, Montana. This is a huge dome mountain that juts up out of the trees. The winds had picked up and were whipping the snow off the top.
 This was an awesome sight to see the moon rising over the mountains as we headed into Yellowstone Park. We would travel about 75 miles through the Park in the dark.
 I was on full alert driving through Yellowstone, as we came upon several herds of Bison that were in the road and just hanging out in the 4 degree temperature.

No Bull, these Elk stood in the middle of the road and seemed to challenge our truck before moving into the brush. As they ambled off the road they faced each other and spared with their antlers, cool sight.

Road Trip On!!

Cooke City, Montana / Backcountry Sledboard 2015 / M8 Cat & RMK Pro 800 / Burton Fish Pow Boards

Cooke City is a snowmobile town in the winter. Park out front and ride from your hotel to the trail out of town and into the mountains.
 Getting some snowmobile riding in before the boarding. Had a good snowmobile ride yesterday, getting a feel for the sleds and snow conditions. We were up near Daisy Pass, found some good drops for the snowboards, so game on...

 Weez dropping out of the trees and heading for the sled.

 We had to pose for the sledboard pictures after a very good day in the backcountry on the sleds and boards. The other sled was up top waiting for us.

Each run consisted of both of us riding our sleds down to the bottom, leaving one there. Then Weez would climb on the sled, sit down and hold onto the mountain strap on the handle bars, I would stand behind her. It was a wild ride, climbing back up the mountain on the sled. She really must trust me because I'm on the gas all the way. then we would board down and repeat the ride back up.

 The final drop down to the the sled was steep and powder.
 It was a blast to get back on the sleds and ride the mountains. The final day we rented an Arctic Cat M800 / 153 inch track and a Polaris PRO RMK 800 / 155 inch track. The sleds are about 160 horsepower...they rip!

 We finished the trip off with a ride up the trail, not ready to give up the riding and being in the mountains. Mountain cabin with Elk antlers and thick blanket of snow.

Main street Cooke City, Montana

Sledboard on!!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Bozeman, Montana / Snowboarding & Cooke City, Montana / Snowmobiling

We got a couple hikes up at Bridger Bowl. Nice to take a break and soak in the views and snowboard back into the resort.

 Had to make a quick repair, zip ties are the solution.
 Riding hard from the top to the base on the last run of the day. The shadows are covering the mountain, a good day at Bridger. Two hikes up to the ridge and a full day.

Day 2 on the Montana Snowboard and Snowmobile Adventure
 Entrance to Yellowstone Park.
 Rush hour on a narrow stretch on road, the Buffalo are taking up all the lanes.

 This is where the Buffalo should roam...
 Rented 2 sleds in Cooke City. Climbed up to a good vantage point with the 800 Polaris Pro RMK's
 Weez showing me the way to climb the mountain...

 A good adventure with the drive into Cooke City and riding the sleds into the mountains.

Brappp On!!