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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Minnesota Winter Fat Tire Riding / Snow and Cold / Good Riding

New snow and 3 days of riding the Mountain Bikes this week-end.

The first night we tested our new Nite Rider lights on the bikes. They were awesome, Pro 1200Race model. Lit up the trail.

Got out on a fresh snow day after the night ride, trail is packing in good with the sun and many riders.

 Day 3 was excellent winter Fat Tire Bike riding with temps at 3 degrees it was brisk and the snow was very good packed. Jeff Hall was on his LAMERE Cycle and I had my new LAMERE Cycle. These are awesome bikes!

Ride On!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Rollin' on the Snowy Winter Singletrack with LAMERE Cycles Owner JP (Buzzy) LaMere and Sponsored LAMERE Cycles Rider Jeff Hall

A good day on the LAMERE bikes, testing both the tires and bikes on a early winter morning in Minnesota. Buzzy, Jeff Hall and yours truly put the bikes through there paces. Jeff was running studs front and rear on his bike, Buzz and I were running 4 and 5 inch non-studded tires. It was all singletrack with a good snowpack, however a couple sections of the trail that ran along some south facing hillsides had a bit of ice. I was in a few 2 wheel slides on the ice that the bike handled great. I stayed upright although I did straight-arm 1 tree to keep upright.  

 Jeff and Buzzy rockin' on the fat tires...wondering how I got in front of them. I know the shortcuts... 
Buzzy LaMere on his LAMERE Cycles Fat Tire Bike!

 Fat 5" on the rear of my bike.
 Good to ride and test the LAMERE  bikes and see how the different tire combos work.

It's cool that JP (Buzzy) LaMere is a "hands on" bike company owner and he takes pride in his product. He can talk the talk and ride the bike!

This week I had Buzzy build my own new bike and it is sweet! I will get to ride the finished bike this week. Pictures and ride report will be coming soon.

Ride On!! 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Back in the Saddle on the Fat Tire Mountain Bikes / Winter Edition / LAMERE Cycles

Winter started off with a blast here in the Northland. Riding motorcycles and fall conditions on the mountain bike trails on a Sunday. Monday, wake up to fresh snow and mid 20 temperatures.
I have had a bunch of riding, motorcycles and mountain bikes in the past few months. Going to start back out with the current adventures and flash back to some of the good times that have occurred.
 The biggest bicycle news is the addition of a new Fat Tire bicycle in my stable. I have been riding a Pugsley the past year. The new Fat Tire bike is a "LAMERE Cycles", this is a 5" tire bike that is in the low-twenties weight class. I'll have more write ups and adventures on this new bike.    
 Good day on the bikes, Jeff Hall is also involved with the LAMERE Cycles bikes. He is LAMERE Cycles sponsored rider and is going to be racing a light-weight version in some of the premier winter fat tire mountain bike races. 
 Jeff Hall with Buzzy LaMere on an early winter bike testing ride. These LAMERE Cycles rock!! This is going to be a good adventure.

Night Rides and the Winter Campfire

 Night rides along the Minnesota River in the winter are going to a weekly adventure. Add a fire along the trail to light up the night and it is a good time. 

 It has been a blast to have this early season snow and cold to get out on the bikes.

Ride on!