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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Swamp / Lurkin in the Rain with the Critters

First time down in the river bottoms since the floods. I've been riding every season this year with all the extreme weather conditions and every ride has it's own personality.

Back in the 70s it was motorcycles, and since about 1981 it has been mountain bikes. I never get tired of the Minnesota River bottoms. I have ridden every season of the year and all the way from Fort Snelling all the way down to Belle Plain, Minnesota. The best memories are when the weather is a bit extreme or critters are out running around.

These are some of the photos the I took while pedaling along the river this week. The power of the water was evident with many downed trees and the vegetation was washed away. I was able to see the deer trails in the mud. There was vegetation hanging 7 feet high in the trees. This flood wiped everything clean.

 This Pugsley was designed to be a go anywhere bike. It fits my adventure spirit, it is a vehicle that can get me into areas that gets me in touch with nature.
 These trees were bent over from the power of the river.
 Hunkered down as the rain started, the vegetation hanging from the was swamping at it's best. I sensed something, I looked to my right and there was a doe with 1 then 2 then a 3rd little fawn following her. They were prancing along and I snapped several photos, they never sensed that I was in the area. This is what the adventure is about for me. Blending in and observing the surroundings. Being in the right place at the right time. It is knowing when to sit tight and let the woods come to life.

 I was riding along and spyed the movement on the high ground, circled back and talked to this deer, she was all ears and curious about me.
 At sundown I noticed this beaver, it was having a meal of some fresh leaves and branches from some fallen trees. The beaver was not alarmed at all.

 Sundown and enjoying the river as it flows along. Not in a hurry to get back to the truck, it's great to be on the bike on a quiet rainy evening in the river valley.

The last of daylight, savoring the bit of time on the bike before the cold beer back at the truck.

Ride On!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

2 Wheel Adventures the Week of the 4th / Fat Tire Surly or Fat Tire BMW

Good mountain bike riding on the Murphy trails. These are the trails you can ride all afternoon and get back to the truck and savor the ride. Eat a sandwich and take your time packing up. A good way to spend a day of my weekend.
 The more I ride the Pugsley, the more I enjoy the fat tires. Kinda like riding the Suzuki 400 with the big knobbies.

Riding the BMW 1200 GS on Northern Minnesota Backroads
 So much rain this season. Everything is extra green and growing. Even the beaver house is sporting a green mossy looking roof. The swamps and Beaver dammed flowages are right up to the edges of the roads or in some cases, flowing over the dirt roads.  
 Got back on some remote dirt roads in northern Minnesota and caught a glimpse of tracks. Cranked the big BMW over and backtracked to the tracks and found some good prints of a large Timber wolf track alongside a set of whitetail deer tracks...I set my x-large glove along side the tracks. These are a good size set of wolf tracks.
 The foliage along the dirt road is tall and thick. Saw this deer alongside the road and was able to capture it before it disappeared into the woods.

Just me and the deer flys along this stretch of backroad...sipping on a Rockstar energy drink and eating a Cliff Bar...
Good Times!

The Beemer and I packed up for the road. Temps were in the 80s, bought a new pair of Olympia riding pants. they are vented with good protection, padded knees and tough . These pants are a real addition to my gear for adventure motorcycling.

Riding along Mille Lacs Lake, staying ahead of my shadow...