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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Three Days in a Row on the Snow / Good Spring Snow with a Grandkid

On the snow with grandson, teaching him some of the fundamentals of skiing. Imagine that, a snowboarder teaching a skier. It worked. We had a good time traveling all over the resort. Had a good lunch and enjoyed the Spring snow.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Afton Alps Ski Hill / Snowboarding & Tubing

Mid winter conditions are giving us good snowboarding at the end of March at the ski hill.
 The view across the bridge at the fire pit and the info sign, below the front bowl.
 Funneling into the main bowl.

 On Patrol...

The Tube Park @ Afton Alps
 The gang came out to have a good time in the tube park.
 Hanging out with the Grandkids at the tube park.
Brothers being brothers...outdoors and good food. Keeping the energy level at a high level.
Good Times!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 4 / Wyoming Snowmobile Trip


This is the final day of the snowmobile trip to Wyoming. I have been a bit sidetracked the past weeks. Check out the final day of an epic backcountry snowmobile adventure.

Day 4 was a mix of snowmobile experiences and dealing with a bad tooth that flared up the previous evening.

Stuck was included in the snowmobile experience and pain was the experience with the body. Sometimes a person just has to overcome adversity to accomplish the goal. This time the goal was to ride the last day of the trip and then to load up and drive the 1100 miles to get home. The goal was accomplished.

This is my story recap of my adventure with adversity and the good people that I have in my life.

I got home the day after sledding in Wyoming, we drove 1100 miles over night. I was able to get into a dentist on Friday morning a day later and he immediately called my oral surgeon that operated on my broken face 4 years ago. I drove straight to the doctor office. My doctor made the decision to pull the tooth that had a broken root and had become terribly infected. It took a week to recover from the infection and it is still not 100%. It was pretty serious at the time. I am so grateful for my Doctor and his staff, they are the absolute best. The Dentist is a friend of mine that is on the Ski Patrol with me and I am very grateful for his wisdom and for him to come in on his day off and get the process started. Thanks to Weez for taking her day and spending it at the dentist then traveling to my Surgeons office while he put me out and yanked my tooth. Then she drove me home and picked up food and medicine for me. I was pretty wiped out.
Trenching, trees and steep. When you get stuck and it takes digging, the pack, jacket and helmet come off. Not good to sweat and get chilled. That is the reason I carry 2 shovels, 1 in my pack and 1 strapped to the sled. The shovel on the sled is easy to get to and that is the one I use the most. 

Some times the solution is to roll the sled out of it's trench and start over again.
Big Larry and his 800 Ski Doo / 163" track alongside my 800 Arctic Cat / 162" track...go big or stay home.
Mitch and his 800 Polaris / 159" track.
Sean riding his 700 Arctic Cat / 162" track.
This shot is the beginning of a 1500 foot climb through scattered trees and increasing steep powder. This was a blast to weave up the mountain, everybody scattered and picked their own line. The climb ended at about 10.500 feet and the top of the mountain.