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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Singletrack Obstacles / Two Hour Mountain Bike Ride till Sundown

Another good day in the woods, obstacles keep the skills and reflexes sharp. Rocks and logs, the two things you don't want to see while snowmobiling in the mountains. Ideally there is at least 4-5 feet of snow covering the landscape, better yet as the winter season progresses we will experience well over 8 feet of snow.

So many of the skills one uses on technical singletrack mountain bike riding can be transferred to the skills and reactions one uses during backcountry snowmobiling. We are boondocking and weaving through the trees and climbing out of ravines. Route selection and the ability to react to obstacles is the key. One of the other benefits of mountain biking is the aerobic nature of the sport so I can ride strong all day long. It is the up and down out of the saddle and the powering up the climbs. I can feel my fitness level getting better each week.

 One of the rock gardens to negotiate on the trail.

 Add the speed and twists of the singletrack along with the flow through the Pines. All the different aspects in the woods make for a good adventure.

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