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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sud-zero Temps Settle into Minnesota for the Week / Fresh Snow / Excellent Fat Tire Biking Times

A ride along the Minnesota River this week with real time Winter weather, 2 degrees, I'll call it 0. Close enough for a good mtb ride. River was iced up pretty good with just a few open stretches. On this day Jeff commutes to work 25 miles on his LAMERE Fat Tire Bike, then I hook up with him at the Bloomington Ferry Bridge. We ride the river trail East towards 35W and double back. Trail was in great shape and we get a chance to try different tire combinations.  

 Sub-zero Midweek Early Morning Mountain Bike Adventure
 Up at 3:30am and pack the truck. Overnight temps dropped to -11 degrees. At the River Bottoms trailhead and on the bike by 5:00am. Out on the bike till 8:15am for over 3 hours, loaded the truck and swung into a Perkins Restaurant and had a hearty breakfast of steal and eggs. I was at work by 10:45am for my 8 hour work day. Ended with a 23 hour day, not bad...

Nailed the clothing layers pretty good. A bit cool at first, by the first mile I had opened the vents on my pants and jacket.Had a sip of ice tea I had mixed and did some riding and exploring across the river. Then crossed back over the river bridge and rode the singletrack East. The moon was bright in the sky and shining down on my bike.
 Hanging in the moon light...

 With sub-zero temps and fresh snow, the only tracks on most of the trail were Coyote and a few deer tracks.
 It is good time to be out in the early morning darkness. Stopped several times to soak in the solitude and moonlight.

Good to have an adventure in true Winter conditions and have my clothing and bike perform flawlessly at -11 degrees. The River is different every ride...
Ride On!!

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